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By clicking on the button for the group or individual room reservation and filling out the information: 




Xavier University Library has twelve (6) Individual Study rooms, eighteen (18) Group Study rooms.


Group Study rooms are intended as a space for students (up to 6 in a room) to work and study together. They are not intended for either individual study or socializing.

Individual Study rooms are intended as a space for one student to work alone. They are not intended for group study, socializing, sleeping, and eating meals.

Only current XU students with a valid XUID and email address may reserve rooms within the University Library.


Rooms may be reserved two weeks in advance anytime up to next available time slot.

All bookable rooms are available for reservation during the hours the Library is open. You will need to confirm your reservation in the email that you receive within 15 minutes of placing the reservation the room or your reservation will not be held.

Rooms are reserved in 1-hour time slots. Reservations are limited to 2 time slots per room. Groups may stay beyond their reserved time if no one else has reserved that room at that time.

Cancellations & Late Arrivals

The email you receive to confirm your reservation includes a link for cancelling reservations. There is a 15-minute grace period attached to your reservation. If your group does not arrive within the grace period the reservation is void and the room becomes openly available. You may be asked to show proof of registration at any time during your reserved time slot.

The Library reserves the right to cancel any reservation that is not in accord with our policies

Room Use

Anyone who reserves a room is expected to clean up after themselves and leave the room ready for the next group. Remove all belongings and dispose of trash when you exit.

All group study rooms have a whiteboard. If you do not have your own dry-erase markers or erasers, the User Services Desk can provide markers and erasers for check-out. Use only appropriate markers and erasers on the whiteboards.

Please respect your fellow students and keep noise to a minimum. Individuals who need to listen to audio while in a study room should still use earbuds.

Contact library staff at the User Services Desk at 504-520-7305 if you need assistance.

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